Gillian Armstrong

Hi there! I'm a Solutions Architect working in Cognitive and Serverless Technologies, with a special interest in Conversational AI. I have more than a decade’s worth of experience in software engineering and have worked with many technologies across the full stack. My current passion is in understanding the new paradigms that Cognitive Technologies are bringing to human computer interaction, and how Serverless is changing how we think about and design software.

I love discussing technology, thinking up big ideas, and making them reality. I also enjoy sharing what I'm learning at conferences, meet-ups, and in my blog posts. I'm also an AWS Machine Learning Hero.

But, enough about me - I want to hear about you. Come chat to me on twitter or pick one of the other options below.

Here's some of the places you can find me...

Blog Posts

Here's some of what I've been writing...

The Impact and Ethics of Conversational Artificial Intelligence
As we use more natural interfaces with technology our relationship is shifting to one where we increasingly humanise them.

Delivering business value through serverless
In a serverless architecture the business logic and not the infrastructure should be the 'hard part'.

Alexa Conversations: A Developer’s Opinion from re:MARS
Alexa is getting more conversational by shifting skills to be more transactional.

New to Conversational Design? Start Here.
A few tips for those new to creating chatbot conversations.

Responsive Personality Design in Chatbots
How do you design a bot personality that can work in multiple channels?

Why your Chatbot needs to Care about Context
Your chatbot knowing what’s up is the secret to a great experience.

Five things thinking #VoiceFirst can improve in any chatbot
When we design our bots voice-first, we make even non-voice enabled bots better.

Helping Your Baby Bot Learn To Chat Like A Grown Up Bot
In a conversation the user is always right – what are you doing to keep improving your bot’s understanding? Baby bots need help to grow up.

Software and the Storyteller
Once upon a time a storyteller became a software engineer.

Writing a Tech Talk Using Storytelling Techniques
Giving a Technical Talk isn’t so different from telling a story.

Here's some places I've been speaking...

The Virtual Bash on Ethics
AI Ethics for Developers: Embrace your Inner 5-year old

ServerlessDays Belfast (organising team)

AWS re:Invent 2019
AIM305 Automate content moderation and compliance with AI

AI Con (conference chair / track host)

Serverless Chats
How Liberty Mutual is Embracing Serverless

GDG Belfast - Pi European Roadshow
A Journey into Applied AI Cloud Services

AWS Developer Influencer Summit 2019
A Developer's Journey into AI: Building a Digital Assistant using Amazon's AI Services

ConverCon 2019
Conversational Implementations-Delivering Amazing Experiences in the Real World

Cardiff ServerlessDays
Serverless and Chatbots

AWS re:Invent 2018
Crafting a Conversational Platform Strategy

QCon San Francisco
Serverless and Chatbots: A Match Made in the Cloud

Artificial Intelligence: Real Life

ConverCon 2018
Why is Natural Language Understanding so Hard to do in Practice?

Digital DNA
The Intelligent Workplace: Everyday AI

Serverless CPH
Smarter Serverless Chatbots

The Machine Learning Mega BASH
Natural Language (mis)Understanding

Artificial Intelligence - Northern Ireland
Humanising Computers using Conversational AI

JeffConf Hamburg
Conversational AI and Serverless

AWS User Group Dublin
Future of Cloud - All The Unmissable News From Re:Invent 2017

AWS Re:Invent 2017
Building a Voice-Enabled Customer Service Chatbot Using Amazon Lex (MCL301)

AWS User Group Belfast
Artificial Intelligence Services in AWS

Convercon 2017
Conversational Implementations - Delivering Amazing Experiences in the Real World.

Beltech 2017
It's Good to Talk - Building the Right Chatbot